The inspiration for this blog came from a documentary series called Chef’s Table, which mesmerised me as it is a true piece of art. My love for photography, food and stories compelled me to take the inspiration from the series to my own life, pick up the camera again and just try something new. I am very excited about this project.

I started out by exploring food photography at home and I can say without hesitation, it has been so much fun! I hope to take this further and explore food in my city, rediscover my own place of residence and hopefully find even more inspiration and stories to tell. I am also dreaming of discovering new places through their unique food. You can read about my first food tour in Rome in the blog. I hope there would be many more to come!

The name of the blog comes from the digital nickname I chose for myself a long long time ago – Menada. I saw a Bulgarian wine with that name and I really liked it. Then I found out that in Greek mythology maenads were the female followers of Dionysus, often portrayed in a dancing frenzy, and referred to as “mad women”. I am also a quarter Greek (the other three quarters are Bulgarian). So that’s that. 🙂

So… welcome to Menada’s way!

If you want to connect, please do so! If you are in the area of The Hague and would like to share your story (any food-related story, really), I’d be very curious to write about it. And take pictures, of course :).