Summer zucchini gratin by The Hague’s superhost

These last August days mark my final moments in The Netherlands before I embark on a new adventure. And with the fervour of wrapping up my Dutch life, I have found an anchor to keep me steady before departure – my friend Vesela, plus one, who were kind enough to shelter me before my big storm of a trip!

Vesela, whom you might remember to be the master of healthy cooking, is at it again, this time in a bigger and better kitchen, but with the same massive amounts of love and dedication with which she does everything. So today it’s just the two of us, and she’s eager to cook what has by now become her specialty – zucchini gratin. Of course, the healthy way.

You will forgive me for not visually building up to it. I WAS present throughout the cooking process. But that’s it, just standing there, and blah blah blah. 🙂 The outcome however, was truly deserving of a picture or two. So I got to play a bit.


Et voilà!

But let me back up a bit to give you a chance to try this at home. So, Vessie diligently cut the mushrooms first, about 400 grams, threw them in the pan, no oil, no grease, only herbs – thyme, oregano, basil and fresh mint. And salt. Then sliced the zucchini, about 4-5 mid-sized ones, into half-circles, and off into the pan as well. And salt. As they cooked on the stove, she made the filling – 4 whisked eggs and coconut milk. That’s it. And salt.

Everything in the baking form. Some black pepper. And salt. 🙂

Twenty minutes in the oven on 220C degrees. And then this beauty came out.


The cooling down period of about 5min was play time! And then we just had to try it.


The golden brown bottom of the pan and the slightly burned edges of the zucchini on the top were all but promisingly delicious. Careful, it’s hot!


What a nice summer dish. Easy, fast and quite special when made with so much love.


“Shared happiness is double happiness,” Vessie said as we were digging in.



Thank you for having me and for being a superhost. This last Dutch blog post is for you! But I’ll be back… for more love and more gratin. ♥

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