Celebrating one delicious year: happy birthday, blog!

On this day, exactly one year ago, I began an amazing culinary and photographic adventure – my blog, my way, Menada’s way. A whole year! Twelve months of deliciousness. And to celebrate that, I dug out some pictures I took that did not make it to the original blog posts. Twelve shots to reminisce the great experiences I had while taking the photos (and of course while eating the food!).

Back then, I started experimenting at home. Bought a bunch of props to test the brand new lens that became my Nikon’s best friend. The kind of friend that shows you what life can look like from another.. well, lens!

I started out simple – a cauliflower soup.

0 DSC_0102

Beautiful colours and so much fun! Purple really is my favourite colour. And that is what made these healthy mini muffins so nice to shoot. I mean… look!

2 DSC_0062

My friend Megan was the first one I photographed while cooking. She made amazing zucchini pasta with shrimp and home-made pesto sauce. Props were great here, as well!

3 DSC_0099

And then it was May and I visited Rome with my sister. And then I fell in love with it. The spectacular food tour we did inspired many cooking sessions thereafter. A special one was (the prototypical) Luca’s tiramisu, in a glass. And I got to use my birthday present, these beautiful ornamented glasses. The tiramisu turned out amazing, too, by the way.

5 DSC_0109

My dear Vessela was the next guest chef for my blog. A healthy explosion of nuts and seeds and great smells – the tart! It looked amazing, with rich and very intriguing taste.

6 DSC_0097

I was having so much fun as the summer was approaching. Marta made the month of June smell like Christmas with her fantastic barszcz. A real feast.

7 DSC_0132

Summer was finally here and it was travelling time. First stop – home sweet home! And my mother’s biscuit cake with the freshest of raspberries. Divine.

8 DSC_0141

Then I headed West – to meet the Basques! Landed in the land of pintxos and did two food tours in Bilbao and San Sebastian. What a visual wonder!

9 DSC_0134

Fall arrived soon thereafter, and it started out perfectly in September – with an Indian curry made by my colleague Antje out of a big, thick German cookbook . (FYI: this was my most popular post on the blog, with 15 massive likes awarded to me by random kind strangers from the WordPress universe!)

10 DSC_0156

As the weather got colder, the cooking enthusiasts got fewer but the quality of our feasts remained high. How lucky am I, really?

Andrea rolled out the poke bowl table in Amsterdam and introduced me to this concept that is so very hype and healthy right now. So very Amsterdam!

11 DSC_0132 (1)

My colleague Guido then made mackerel en papillote in the cutest ceramic pot. And such a rich sauce. Another feast.

12 DSC_0121

December brought about the end of the year and I celebrated it in Brussels as my good friend Luci made her to-die-for pumpkin soup.

13 DSC_0084

And of course Cuba… which marked the end of one and the beginning of another adventurous year. I hope that 2018 will be full of culinary surprises, shared joy over full plates and more friends along the way.



(Special thanks also to Marlon and Paul who contributed great visuals and recipes for this blog!)






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