Home-made biscuit cake: at home

I am back to Bulgaria for summer holiday. Back home. Where food tastes the best. And at home, where my mother is queen of the kitchen. So I casually suggested a photoshoot as she was going to make one of her signature biscuit cakes, to bring to the grandparents for dinner tonight. She was a bit nervous but did marvellously. Of course.

The ingredients are very basic, so it’s the mastery that makes her food really great. The biscuits – even produced in my hometown, Plovdiv. And Dr. Oetker’s puddings, one caramel and one cream. Produced elsewhere, so a bit less special.


To liven things up, a splash of the Captain’s drink.


Two separate cups with a bit of milk, some sugar and in go the pudding powders in each, respectively.


Rum goes into both, though.


And the star ingredient for today’s post – raspberries. Fresh from a friend of my mom’s garden, superbly delicious. There is a fantastic custom around here to bring produce from the garden and either treat, or sell what your land produced. Even if you work behind a desk for the regional electricity company – everyone is connected to their own or someone else’s produce. As of this year, my parents proudly treat strawberries from their own village house garden at the foot of the mountain. Love it. These babies are from one other village.


My mom put some biscuits in the grinder together with a few raspberries, for one of the layers. This…


In the meantime, two pots of boiling milk, adding the two cups with the puddings, stirring constantly and there you have them (follow the instructions on the package, to be sure). Out on the balcony to cool off a bit.


And then it is arranging time.


Layer of biscuits, soaked in milk.


Layer of cream.


And repeat, with more biscuits and the other cream. And then the raspberry mash!


Some crushed walnuts are a must, too. Don’t ask me why.


Just one more layer, I promise, then it’s decoration time.


Decoration is easy and intuitive enough… raspberries!


The cake needs to cool off for at least a couple of hours in the fridge. We were a bit impatient and waited a bit less. But still, we weren’t disappointed.


Intense fusion of creams, with the sour reminder of raspberries to keep the taste fresh and light. Sounds complex but my mother makes it look so easy.


As I said, queen of the castle. I was just in the way but managed to steal a few shots.

And a piece of cake, of course.


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