Raw vegan tart with herbs: Vessie’s way

Today is not about Menada’s way but Vessie’s.

Vessie is the go-to person for anything vegan and the ultimate reminder to “Eat.More.Nuts”. She’s also had this recipe in the pipeline for about two months now and we finally got around to do it. Well, she is responsible for the whole preparation process, and I took pictures. And will get to eat it… Just the way I like it! 🙂

The recipe for the tart is from a Bulgarian food blog called Bliss Bites (here is a link [in Bulgarian], Google translate should work otherwise). Lots of herbs but yesterday was market day and we like to get our things straight from the stall (more on what we’ll do with the leftover herbs further in the post).


The lead characters – fresh thyme and rosemary. And of course, nuts. You’ll need almonds for the crust and cashews for the filling.

First things first – the crust. Everything goes in any type of food processor. Vessie uses (extensively) a nutribullet – a gift from her grandma. So the almonds, the thyme and the rosemary go in. Just like the original blog post, we also don’t have the exact measurements and therefore claim a disclaimer on accuracy. Use your senses. Or click on the blog post for some average measures (we ended up doing everything more or less double as compared to the blog post recipe; the picture is the first batch, followed by an identical one).


Then some hemp seeds and coconut oil (ideally melted on a water bath but Vessie didn’t care for that and it turned out just as well).


And then the bullet did the magic.


The coconut oil keeps the mix together and is essential for the whole enterprise. We had to decide: we had both a muffin form and a regular cake form. We opted for the latter and it turned out to be the better option.

The mix goes in the form and then to the fridge for about 2 hours.


Then it was time for the filling. In fact, the recipe for the filling is almost the same, but then instead of almonds, it is cashews, some salt and (white) pepper, and some water to make it slightly liquid. The cashews need to be soaked in water a couple of hours in advance so that they are easier to process. Again, two batches. End result has this consistency:


Vessie put this in the fridge as well, and then we went shopping and had coffee in the sun while waiting. Terrible, terrible Sunday… 🙂

As we returned, it was the moment of truth. And we were not disappointed.


As an extra treat (for the eyes and for the tummy) Vessie finished with some poppy seeds.


For even better results, cool in the fridge for a couple of hours. What a beauty.


What to do with the leftover herbs? Vessie’s advice: wash them, dry them very well and then stick them in your olive oil bottle – then let the magic happen. Rosemary olive oil tastes divine. You could also decide to put both the thyme and rosemary or just one or the other. Experiment and see what comes out of it. I also got a batch of herbs from Vessie so I plan to do the same.

For now, we get to treat ourselves a spectacular herb tart and share a relaxing and sunny Sunday. Vessie’s way turned out superbly.




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