Marlon’s Taco Saturday #1

Marlon is crazy about tacos. I had been hearing stories about tacos from his girlfriend Julia for a while now. And you know how build-up works, so yesterday I was more than curious. Not to mention we’d eat them in the back garden of his mother’s house on a Saturday of 30 degrees C. What a spectacular afternoon that was!

Marlon had been cooking more or less all day. All the elements rolled out on a narrow black table in the middle of the garden, among the flower pots. With the wrappers on, one was still left wondering. But then the feast was unveiled.


Marlon made the tacos himself, pressed with a special machine. He tells me that the tacos are made of masa, which is corn flour treated with lime juice. And that even though tacos are from Mexico, it was the Californian surfer scene that made them as popular as they are today. He throws in the name of Roy Choi as a source of inspiration and a quick Google search tells me he is the creator of the gourmet Korean taco truck, Kogi, and also led the food truck movement.


Many more influences here – table was rich in colours, with a promise of richness in flavour, too.

Marlon made two tacos. He explains the details: “One is pulled jackfruit, a tropical fruit that turns into something that looks like pulled pork when you cook it, and the other one is called barbacoa (spicy beef cooked in beer, chilis and spices).” New entry in my culinary vocabulary – jackfruit.


As the photographer, I get to see Marlon in action. And I get an excuse to be the first to try the food. 🙂


The verdict – awesome. A rich explosion of flavour, slightly spicy, which even I, having low tolerance to spicy food, find intriguing and absolutely delicious.

Julia thought so, too.


Okay, okay, everyone can eat now. Feeding the eyes just won’t do.


And the annoying person climbing on chairs for a better shot can now ditch the camera and join in the feast.

Here’s to passion for food. It’s what this blog is all about, anyway.

DSC_0049 (1)

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