Luca’s tiramisu in a glass

I am still under the spell of Rome. And Foodies magazine’s May issue is devoted to Italian cuisine which only adds fuel to the flame. And since any day now the new issue will be dropped in my mailbox (…life goes on and so do our culinary fascinations), I thought I’d close with a classic.

Luca’s classic tiramisu is what I bet on. Even if it is a specific Luca (check out here the Foodies magazine recipe and a bit of info about Luca), I’d like to believe that this is in fact the prototypical Luca – any Italian really, who loves food and Italian specialties. So… any Italian.

We start with espresso. What is life without espresso anyway?


Black gold they call it. No wonder…


The recipe claims 4 espresso cups. This Bialetti makes 2 so I did two batches. In the end it was too much so now I have to think of a second life for a whiskey glass full of coffee and.. well two splashes of whiskey. Any ideas are welcome!

Then eggs – after Rome I decided to only buy organic eggs. Am I a late adopter? Or am I pretentious? I don’t know but the time for me is now.

We divide 3 yolks from 3 egg whites and whisk the whites.


Then we add 500 grams of (already rather soft) mascarpone.


And whisk again. We need colour and we splash the yolks for some artistry. This kind of yellow is just mesmerising.


I dare say it’s because the eggs are very good.

And then dipping ladyfingers in the espresso (with said two splashes of whiskey). Original recipe is with grappa but whiskey or rum also work. Original recipe also says 300 grams ladyfingers but I only used one package (around 170 grams). I suspect because of the format of my tiramisu(s).

I got these glasses with the remainder of my birthday voucher for Zara Home – four beautiful glasses, same form and size but each with a different design. I love them! Here are two, a future dessert in a glass post will honour the other two.


Layer of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, layer of cream, etc. etc. And we top it off with cacao powder.


I am writing this on a Saturday so now these beauties are resting in the fridge for the night. You can even glimpse the dusk of day in the background of the shot above. I used the rest of the ingredients for a normal tiramisu in a regular cake form (did you think I just do this for the pictures??). So tomorrow morning I will know the result.


It’s tomorrow! Sunday morning. Sun is shining and I wake up with the thought of tiramisu. I am already taking the pictures in my head.


Thanks, Luca – your tiramisu is fantastic. Here’s to a delicious Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Luca’s tiramisu in a glass

  1. Yesss, perfect – tiramisu in your new glasses, gorgeous! Yammyyy

    The eggs-mixture-photo is beautiful! I’m sure your eggs were very good. The super yellow color is not a quality mark though – it’s mostly because the chicken got some corn to eat… It’s a “producer trick” to have this intensive color afterwards.

    Cheers to your tiramisu Sunday 🙂 I might do a tiramisu Tuesday :))


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