Another lazy Sunday: coconut flour pancakes

Today’s about cozy. And slightly unhealthy. But mostly cozy. Cause it’s Sunday. And even if it’s April and the sun is shining, The Hague is pretty chilly these days. So winter-style comfort food is what makes me happy today.

Aaah… it’s blueberries again.


There is something about these little fellas that just keeps coming back to my cooking choices. This time, with coconut flour pancakes. The recipe is quite simple, I took it from a(nother) very nice-looking blog called Girl vs. Dough (recipe here). Hers looked a lot fluffier than mine turned out to be, I’d say my version resembled more regular french crepes. But I definitely share her excitement about how good they taste!

No record of prep work today – my kitchen has slightly exhausted its visual appeal, so today I decided to focus on the final product.


You can use literally any kind of topping. For these babies I used dark agave syrup. It’s quite sweet (I think even sweeter than honey, which is what I will put on the remaining two pancakes.. oh yeah!). I needed some time to recover.


The combination of coconut flavour with syrup and fresh blueberries splashing in your mouth is what all Sundays should be about.


A small tip: be careful with the measurements in the recipe, they are for a rather small pancake pile (a max of two people and for breakfast). But I am having a lazy day and I will treat myself. And finish all of them, eventually. As an all-day non-meal, i.e. no rules: eat whenever the hell you want.


Cause it’s Sunday.

Where’s the honey?? 🙂


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