Easter weekend Odyssey

This post started the day before yesterday. Tradition had to be flexible because we could neither paint the eggs on Thursday nor on Saturday. Good old market supplied the eggs (see below), the salad and the meat (see further below). The Bulgarian shop supplied the egg paint and the “kozunak”.

May the painting games begin!


My friend Vesela and her cousin came over to dip some hands in some chemicals. Each of us had a specific technique we tended to go for – for mine, I relied on onion flakes.


Vesela went for The Cotton Canvas.


In the end we mixed up the colours and got the most beautiful purple shade. Ever. Really. Ever.


A fantastic afternoon with a fantastic outcome. The start of the Easter odyssey was promising.


Two more days of meat-and-cheese guilty dreaming and it is finally Easter! Okay, we are supposed to eat lamb, I know, but the beef in the market looked so damn good. Worth the blasphemy (?)

There are a million recipes for cooking beef. Too many… According to Jamie (… Oliver, of course), the meat is supposed to be on a rack so that the air floats freely around it. And so I did. In the tray below it, white wine, garlic, bay leaf and rosemary. Throughout the cooking I would add water in the tray to keep it “alive”. What a beauty.


The problem with my oven is that it is tiny. So following recipes to the degree Celsius is usually tricky for me (that is also why, as you may have noticed, my “recipes” here on the blog are not an exact science). So 1,5h turned out to be a bit too long. But in any case, it was a well done piece of meat.

In the meantime, we polished the eggs.


And we set aside the first, red egg we painted – for the health of the house. And ours. And yours.


Lunch time! A true festivity that we can share a glimpse of with you.

DSC_0030 (1)

And eating meat after six whole days of fasting was truly amazing. I mean… look at this.


Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you get to share it with your loved ones and I hope you eat. A lot. But like, really, a lot! If not today, when?? 🙂

Христос Воскресе!

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