Zucchini pasta with shrimp and avocado pesto – the team effort (kind of…)

Today it was finally time to make a mess of someone else’s kitchen. My friend Megan and I had this idea to make zucchini pasta together and on this beautiful March day we got together and had a great cooking session that culminated in an amazing meal at 17:00 in the afternoon. The recipe was easy enough but Megan had some tricks up her sleeve and I have to admit, the team effort consisted of me interrupting her cooking process all the time, getting on top of chairs and moving stuff around for the best light. But really, she did all the cooking and should be awarded absolute credit for the delicious result.

The theme for today is GREEN. We started here.


Finally I could have hands in action in my pictures.


The basics – onion and garlic.


And something not so healthy but divine – guess the ingredient.


And then the explosion. Look at this…


In the meantime, Megan roasted some pine nuts – a few minutes on the pan really make all the difference in taste (one trick I learned today). And a beautiful addition to our explosion of colours.


Plus, quite a substantial amount of olive oil, plus half of an avocado which made the mix more creamy and, after the initial hesitation, turned out to taste really well after all. And more basil. And then some more. 🙂

And we finally get to the VIP’s of today’s recipe. Their majesty, the shrimps. Frozen from the supermarket, but here after defrosting, in their full glamour.


Trick number two – a simple plastic invention that miraculously transformed our zucchini into pasta. Note to self: get.your.hands.on.this.thing.somehow. Soon.


1,5 not too big zucchini (should fit in the grinder thingy) is enough for two. Megan put some olive oil on the bottom of the plate and put the pasta in the oven for some minutes, to get some crunchiness and to ventilate some of the liquid away.

The shrimps are off to the pan next, with some oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Sizzzzzling.


Then Megan added the pasta, stirred well and then the pesto. I salvaged three shrimps before they became green, for the final photos. Megan was ready, it was my turn. The problem here is that by the time you get pictures you’re happy with, the food gets cold. But okay, for the team, right?


We had a great meal, a great talk and a lot of fun. What’s better than hanging out in the kitchen and bonding over food? Thanks, Megan. And I’m pretty excited for our next collaboration.


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