Spring’s answer: blueberry muffins

Spring has finally shown itself. I don’t know if it is because I had this day planned for some photo fun in the kitchen or because of my previous post which started rather gloomily, but today is a magnificent day. Sun is shining, people are outside, lighter jackets, shoes and hearts. And I thought it is time to make another dessert. After my very first post, which was great photo-wise but rather tasteless food-wise, I thought I’d try again. I aimed to be as healthy as possible, which is why I went to the fancy shop to buy coconut flour. Heavy on the wallet but recurring in my recipe searches so it was finally time to try it. And then I forgot I had bought it and put regular flour in the mix… Ah well… suffice it to say for now that this recipe CAN potentially be entirely “skinny” if desired.

The recipe is inspired by a blog called Chocolate Covered Katie (but is definitely not the same). Hers is for donuts but I reinvented it to finally be able to use a set of mini muffin forms that I got as a housewarming present 1,5 years ago. Better late than never.

Katie suggests mixing the “wet” ingredients first ((coconut) milk, vinegar, agave syrup (or honey), coconut oil).


I have no explanation for the apple vinegar but it gives a nice pinch. Coconut oil was melted on steam (another ingredient I finally got to use again after a substantial amount of time lingering in my fridge).


Then the dry ingredients (the mistakenly used “unskinny” flour, salt, cinnamon and a bit of baking powder but not a whole package).


Some pure vanilla extract is also recommended here but my dear Albert (Heijn) only offers vanilla sugar… or I am blind. Anyway. Adding the wet mixture into the dry mixture produced a surprisingly good-looking dough.


Nice stickiness, good consistency. Not exciting photo-wise but successful otherwise.


These tiny things were waiting for me to get into food photography so that I can use them. I also have a regular muffin baking form which I used for the rest of the dough but we are here to feed the eye, right? So, tiny it is.

And the star ingredient – blueberries, fresh from the Saturday market in Leiden. And they were delicious.


Katie’s advice was quite prompt – do not mix the blueberries in the dough mixture because then you get a purple mixture. Rather, add them at the end or stick them in the dough once they are already in the baking forms. I went for the latter. And it was the right call – thanks, Katie.


I have to say, this worked out great. Maybe it’s because I “cheated” with regular flour… this thought will keep haunting me until I try the coconut version. In any case, let’s not be too pedantic – totally enjoyable coffee-and-cake bites. Recommended.



Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “Spring’s answer: blueberry muffins

  1. Nice purple photos, the last 3 are awesome 🙂

    Cheating with a regular flour was the best thing to happen – the muffins don’t ever get so fluffy & charming with the coconut one.
    Albert (Heijn) is a Problem, my dear. Blueberry muffins deserve a real vanilla extract, always.


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