Calling on spring: wraps

Today is about defiance. This week I was reminded once again where I live – blasting winds, tiny but persistent, constant rain, some storm warnings here and there, windows shaking from the wind, through and through . But! It’s almost March and I am dancing for sun. Everyone says it’s too early, including me. And that’s probably true. But it doesn’t mean we cannot hope. So in defiance of the bad weather, I am making (self-proclaimed) spring wraps. I guess it’s the greenery that made them make the call…

So, brace yourselves for the greenest of the greens and my second-favourite vegetable (after one slightly less green but still green and as great, the cucumber) – the green onion!


There isn’t a better embodiment of what spring means to me than green onions, unsurprisingly also called spring onions, the young teenage daughters of the regular queen onion. I love them. Maybe also cause they look great first, they taste better second.

Okay, okay, other ingredients.


And more ingredients.



And maybe the older brother of the green onion teenagers – parsley! Look at him…


I like this metaphor. And I seem to like the taste of parsley more and more.

So what was I making again? Ah, yes, let’s talk recipe for spring wraps. This week I was inspired by a post on a blog called Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts (?). I guess you cannot just eat cake 🙂 .

The lady describes the kind of laid-back recipe that I like because you can literally add anything you want. However, she claimed that for this recipe there are four basic ingredients and for the rest, one can roam free.


One avocado, parsley (or cilantro), a couple of tablespoons of Greek yoghourt and lime (or lemon). Great combination, I can attest.

And then of course, the wraps.

dsc_0047dsc_0050dsc_0058To be honest, this turned out a lot better than I thought it would. It’s a very refreshing recipe, great to bring as lunch to work, to serve as appetisers, or… as lunch to eat at home on a Saturday (check). And the combinations are practically endless, which allows this recipe to proudly enter my whatever-we-have-in-the-fridge inspired dish ideas.


Great stuff. Recommended.


3 thoughts on “Calling on spring: wraps

  1. I love reading yout posts, they have so much of your personal touch! Will definitely try this recipe! Just one question, do you warm up the tortila or just use it as it comes?


    1. Thank you!!! I just use it as it comes. Then I put the ready wraps in the fridge, as this time they were also served as appetisers. Enjoy! 🙂


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