Lazy Like A Sunday Cauliflower Soup

After two days enjoying the best of the worst of Belgium’s calorie attainment menu (croissants, crushed cranberry cremes, mussels, Belgian beer and, on account of my international friends, a traditional Danish crummy dessert called Æblekage), my culinary feat today had to be lightweight. As lazy as Sundays are, my fridge today contains exactly 6 things: Gouda, Brie, White cheese, yoghourt, one cucumber, one red pepper and one cauliflower head (some might call that a sad fridge, but others, including me, choose to see it as a balanced lactose/vegetable diet (…?)). The cauliflower was starting to get tiny black spots on one of its flowers and at the thought of throwing away yet another spoiled cauliflower (it’s not their fault, it’s totally mine), I reached for it and that’s that.



The recipe for the soup I am making is taken from a website called SkinnyTaste which has inspired the last few soups I made (quite a few for that matter, since two months ago I bought a proper blender that does magic). The recipe contains three main ingredients – cauliflower, onion and chicken broth – hence, the lazy Sunday etc etc.


Cooking is supposed to be messy, I know, but… it’s really messy – let’s call it white crispy hail, to preserve the magic of the prepping process (which is just messy, full stop). So it’s calming to see the end result of the cutting stage like this:dsc_0032

Instead of the chaos of this:dsc_0037

Onion cutting time! The only protection from crying while chopping onions that has proven to work for me (and I have tried many!) is to fill up your mouth with water while cutting. Looks weird and is anti-social but it works.


Two chicken broth cubes with a litre of water needed. With the risk of advertising for free but as an exhibit of the warm feeling I get when using ingredients from back home, The Broth:


The part of this recipe that is not photo-prone is melting a piece of butter on a low heat in the pan and mixing it with a tablespoon of flour. There are just too many things going on in a short time window and I constantly get distracted from the image of dropping my camera in the sizzling butter. So, imagine the stage, and we can move on.


10-12 min boiling time (unlike the original recipe which says 20 but that’s totally up to the vegetable, not at all up to you or me). Off the heat, drop some salt and pepper in the mix. And then the magic blender enters the picture. dsc_0084

I love that thing. As brain-drilling as the sound it makes is, the end result has not disappointed as of yet, whatever I make (off-topic: the other day I blended a banana, some coconut milk and cocoa powder and the smoothie I got was off the roof spectacular).

And that’s that. Simple and quick but absolutely delicious.


Here’s to a lazy Sunday.


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