Banana oatmeal cookies (or whatever…)

This turned out to be more about the process than the end result. So it might be a nice exercise to identify what went wrong, as one browses through the pictures.

In an attempt to stick to my non-added-sugar-low-carb-no-pasta-no-pizza-but-yes-bread-?-whatever January, I decided to go the paleo way and discover bananas as substitutes for flour.



A good friend of mine shared a great 3-ingredient recipe for brownies (yes, brownies, bear with me) consisting of bananas, almond butter and cocoa powder. Bananas from the market – check. Cocoa powder – check. But the local Albert Heijn did not sell almond butter (thanks, Laakkwartier). So I recall a conversation with a colleague from the previous day who told me she likes to make banana cookies (or at least what I thought she had said) with oatmeal and.. something else. So I buy oatmeal.

Back home, ready to get the ball rolling. I text my colleague to ask about the missing ingredient. She tells me: nutmeg, add some water or milk to make it doughy and/or add some berries, any berries. Nutmeg? Berries it is.


Mixing and fixing, adding berries, long-forgotten “summer fruit” mix from the freezer (it’s January), adding cocoa powder (may have been a bit much) and mixing it in a bowl with the oatmeal.


Looks promising enough, smells amazing from the smashed berries already. So we make splash mixture on a baking sheet and a quick Google search how long such a creation may take to bake. I text my colleague in the meantime to ask her the same, to which she answers: “It’s in a pan. You fry them.” What? I am making cookies. “Oh. The original is a pancake recipe.” Right. So in my head I mixed a brownie and a pancake recipe  to make cookies. So much for master chef. … Or is it? 🙂


Finally it takes 30min to have a consistent cookie-looking dark splashes. Note to self: they need to be thicker.

Tasting time! Well, not too bad, not too nice, either. But for my non-added-sugar-low-carb-no-pasta-no-pizza-but-yes-bread-?-whatever January they will do.


I bring them to a party in the evening, at which there were initially no other girls. So I offer the guys to taste. I should have taken pictures of their faces. So much suspicion, while at the same time thinking fast and hard how to say no without offending me. Two dared, one of them said “It would be nice to add some sugar, a couple of eggs and some flour – then they would be great!”

Ah well, I wouldn’t repeat this anyway, and I am not recommending it. I would be curious what a better version of what I did would sound like. But for now my friend the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G and I had a lot of fun in the process. It’s about the journey, right?


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